Lucky’s Casino Perez Zeledon

The Lucky’s Casino is situated in Perez Zeledon, San Jose, Costa Rica. This establishment comes under some of the biggest accommodation hotels in the region. The Lucky’s Casino Perez Zeledon requires for a rather small room for gaming. It has a space of roughly 2,000 square feet. This casino follows the theme of its hotel. It revolves the color scheme of red, white, and beige.

The casino floor of this hotel is placed on the 2nd floor. The casino has two separate gaming areas for both table and electronic game tables. The electronic games here are the specialty at this place housing more than 100 variedly themed machines. The casino is accessible round the clock along with regular poker tournaments that can go up to 4 AM.

Another important feature of this place is that it has a separate bar for gamblers only. This bar is located inside the electronic gaming room. This bar offers a very convenient amenity. Waiters of this bar serve beverages to the player along with some free light snacks. This place is well-complemented by a few TVs for live streaming of sports events.

Lucky’s Casino Perez Zeledon Poker

Poker has a decent exposure in this casino. There are 3 tables reserved at Lucky’s Casino Perez Zeledon for poker. Two of these tables are for ‘tournament-only’. The one table left is used for roulette games. All these tables are electronic and hence are open all day.

The tournament tables offer poker games like Texas Hold ‘Em and Omaha. These tournaments are a good source of entertainment as they encourage healthy competitions between gamblers. Daily events vary every day; however, monthly tournaments are pre-decided with a minimum buy-in.

Lucky’s Casino Perez Zeledon houses about 115 slot machines which are placed at their electronic gaming room. These slots are very famous and take up most of the space. This casino offers a huge selection of themed games.  They also house 20 classic lever machines too to bring out the olden days.

Lucky’s Casino Perez Zeledon

Lucky’s Casino Perez Zeledon is conveniently placed at the province of Costa Rica which means it has a good recreational scope. It has several entertaining destinations perfect for guests and tourists. Costa Rica has a rich culture along with bountiful nature. It is a hub for serene beaches and natural parks. If you feel too adventurous then volcanoes are something you should see. The closest beach to this hotel is in a vicinity of less than 40 minutes. Maybe you can take a drive to the beach while you experience the breath-taking lanes of Costa Rica. An active volcano is no more than 3 hours away from San Jose, so you might want to visit there.

Lucky’s Casino Perez Zeledon

Lucky’s Hotel has a good occupancy of 100 rooms available. It is a beautiful three-storied hotel. This hotel enjoys the exotic décor inspired by Spanish style with a wide courtyard and spacious rooms. This hostel offers amenities like AC rooms, cable TV, free Wi-Fi, free parking and much more. After a long night of gambling, this place is perfect for you to rest your head.  You can upsize too and select larger rooms with a spa bath.

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