Flamingo Beach Resort

The exquisite Flamingo Beach Resort is situated at Guanacastle. This casino Costa Rica takes care of everyone and has something to offer for every guest. The resort offers an array of amenities like an ocean front restaurant, fitness centre, and much more. All of this will be discussed in the sections below. However, let’s start bringing our attention back to the casino that this resort offers.

The Flamingo Resort offers a spacious 2,500 square feet compound for a separately dedicated casino. This resort offers 5 separate casino tables along with 40 slot reel machines. On top of that, it also provides electronic roulette for more than 21 guests. The timings of this casino are conveniently placed from 6 pm to 2 am. Guests are bound to indulge in some entertaining gambling action.

Flamingo Beach Resort Poker

The poker scenario at Flamingo Beach Resort is adequately placed. With over 40 slot machines, this resort makes up for its lack of poker machines. The present 40 slot machines are modern multi line devices. All of these machines are connected to a jackpot which is progressive and gets reset every week.
However, guests must know that these slot machines are not meant for high rollers. This is owing to the fact that these machines only entertain low limits and coin denominations.

The slot machines present in the huge complex of 2,500 square feet entails five table games. This includes poker, craps, and blackjack. This along with the 40 slot machines makes for a very well-functioning casino poker area.

If we go into the specifics, they are two tables for poker. One of them is for Caribbean Stud and the other Texas Hold‘em – the two very famous poker games. The Flamingo casino provides live as well as electronic roulette. Each of these roulette starts with a fee of $5 and a max fee of $25. There are some blackjack tables operating on American Blackjack rules. For those who know Italian games, there is a Tute table available too.

Flamingo Beach Resort Activities

Flamingo Beach Resort is not just an expert of casinos but it also makes for a beautiful and romantic getaway. This resort offers several recreational activities like pool volleyball, salsa dancing, and eco walks. Guests can wine and dine at this idyllic resort.

Some other complimentary fun activities at Flamingo Beach Resort are table game tournaments, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. In addition to these, some developmental activities like yoga classes, Marimba, and Zumba are also present. You will also find some intriguing activities like Tai Chi, treasure hunts, darts Kite making, and much more.

Flamingo Beach Resort Hotel

The Flamingo Beach Resort houses 1 spectacular Presidential Suite along with more than 100 Standard Rooms. For more luxurious stays, this hotel houses 9 Suites.

The hotel houses an OnZen Spa houses along with a Fitness Center for retreat and recreations. For more professional meet-ups and conferences, it has a meeting space. For professional gathering, Flamingo Resort is equipped with a Pool Bar.

Flamingo Beach Resort hotel is a perfect getaway to drive away from the hustle bustle of city lights. It is a great place to indulge in some gambling action and then rest your head after all that fun. This beach house operates on different price points to meet the needs and demands of different guests.

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