Casino Horseshoe Costa Rica

A very famous establishment of Las Vegas now bears its name to this Costa Rican Casino hotel. This is the reason why Horseshoe Casino’s name is said to be very familiar by many tourists as one of the best hotels in san jose costa rica.

However, do not get confused between two casinos of the same name. As this casino hotel is nowhere near the stunning establishment in the US. However, this Horseshoe casino tries its best to emulate its American counterpart. The décor and ambiance of this hotel try its best to channel the vibrations of Horseshoe casino in Las Vegas. But of course, the Costa Rican charm has its own perks and visitors are definitely in it for a treat.

Unlike the casinos at Vegas where everything and everyone is cramped on one poker table, this casino has spacious tables which create free room for its players. And this is the best part about this place. The casino houses plenty of casino and gambling actions. From table games like roulette, poker, blackjack, and craps, the variety is high.

Casino Horseshoe Poker

The poker here at Horseshoe is well-established and well-equipped. It has a decent amount of table on the casino floor. The room for poker has about 3 tables and are properly segregated. However, the main casino compound houses roulette and crap tables which are paired with a lot of blackjack tables.

So, the whole scenarios speak that the casino doesn’t have the occupancy for many players. However, given its variety of equipment, the players will keep coming back for more.

Poker is a specialty of this establishment. The game of choice here is definitely Texas Hold’em which is played without any limits. This place holds regular tournaments of single as well as multi-table. When this casino observes more players, cash games are conducted. A lot of visitors from this casino hotel are tourists or expatriates. Sometimes, even locals pay a visit.

Horseshoe Casino Activities

Horseshoe casino hotel entails an array of activities that visitors can indulge in. It features a bar at the lodge hotel which is one of the hottest places in this region. It even has a nice fitness centre with a lot of equipment and free weights. The best feature is that all of this is complimentary for the guests.

As a guest, you can even indulge in a relaxing messaging session of Bambu Thai. We suggest you get an appointment first.

Costa Rica is a hub of adventurous activities and there is always something to indulge in. When you finish with your manos de poker, You can rent a bike and explore this gorgeous place. Or take a hike in the lushest rainforest. Other noteworthy activities like river rafting, beach tours, and site seeing are also on the table.

Horseshoe Casino Hotel

the Horseshoe Casino hotel is, rather, a small yet very cozy and well-equipped place. With only 30 rooms, you may want to pre-book your visit. Some amazing features of this casino hotel are airport transfers, spas, massages, saunas, and a fitness center which functions round the clock. This hotel also offers free Wi-Fi, in-house restaurants, safety deposit box, laundry, and dry cleaning. With so many amenities, Horseshoe Casino Hotel is a pretty good option in this area.

This hotel also provides for a concierge service if you want to go sight-seeing. It also has tourist services around its vicinity.

Address: San José Province, San José, Costa RicaHours:

Open 24 hours

Phone: +506 2233 4383

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