Hotel Byblos

If you are a fan of the natural habitat and its beauty, Byblos Resort and Casino Costa Rica ,should be your place to stay while your visit to Costa Rica. The hotel in itself is a perfect budget-friendly destination and along with that, it offers a beautiful air-conditioned casino for the hotel residents as well as the locals.

The casino is filled with the updated gaming machines, especially the slot machines. There are table games waiting for you to try your luck on as well. Not just this, the casino also has well-equipped digital poker machines through which you can gather some outstanding winnings on a spare evening. The interiors of the casino are quite impressive and thus add to its overall attraction.

Byblos Resort and Casino Tute

Considering the popularity of the card games in Costa Rica, there is one which is immensely loved by every Costa Rican gambler. It is the traditional trick deck game called as Tute.

The casino offers tables for the famous game and you’ll find a crowd hovering over with excitement level being unbeatable. Merely by glancing over the table, you’d know that the Tute round has commenced.

The game isn’t played by the normal deck of cards, rather is played with the classic Spanish playing cards. Originally, the game was known by the name “Tutti” which is still very popular in the casino itself and in most of the parts of Costa Rica. The game adds another level of entertainment and attraction for the locals specifically.

Byblos Resort and Casino Activities

With an outstanding casino hotel experience, Byblos Resort also provides various other facilities for the memorable and worthy stay of their guests. A number of celebrations and adorable little events can be spotted here and there as per the occasions.

The hotel and casino are very popular for the delicacies served by the restaurants associated with them. First is the poolside restaurant known as Z Bistro. The restaurant offers the best seafood in the area. Not just the taste, the artistic presentation of the food will leave you in awe for sure.

Another place to drop in is Jolly Roger Bar. They serve the most delicious chicken wings you would have ever tried in your life. Pairing them up with some beer or any other drink of your choice and enjoying it along a hillside will definitely be an unforgettable experience for you.

Byblos Resort and Casino Hotel

Adding the adventure of living in a jungle area along with the necessary facilities as well as luxuries is what is provided by the hotel byblos . It is one of the first hotels which were built in the region and because of its location on the hilltop, it adds up to the charm and attraction of the hotel.

You can choose the type of room suiting your budget from the three variants available namely, free-standing bungalow, a separate resort, or even a deluxe room.

The local activities like surfing, fishing, kayaking etc. are all found in the nearby areas itself hence easy to reach and return.

Hence, it is a place where you can have a comfortably adventurous experience at a very reasonable price.

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