Best Western Irazu

If you want to stay close to the airport and need a hotel that can provide you with multiple services at a reasonable price, Best Western Irazu Hotel and Casino is what you should be looking for. The casino is well equipped with modern gaming machines and offers table games as well as the slot games. It is known as Concorde Casino.

The Casino is built in a 4400 square foot of area. It offers more than 200 slot games to the local as well as the tourist gamblers and has 9 table games to offer as well. It is one of the oldest casinos in Costa Rica. Not just this, it is even considered to be one of the biggest one too.


Best Western Irazu Hotel and Casino Poker

The game, although, has 9 table games which a player can enjoy, to your surprise, the Poker table isn’t counted in these nine. The casino offers a separate poker room where the players can be a part of tournaments. The entire club is popularly known as The Winners Club.

Although the casino remains open 24 hours throughout the week, the table games can be enjoyed during the evening hours only. The main attraction of playing poker at Irazu casino is that it offers one of the highest winning opportunities to its players as compared to the rest of the local casinos. It even allows the players to play with high maximum amounts in tournaments and standard games both.

Best Western Irazu Hotel and Casino Activities

The casino offers a wide variety of poker games and other card games. A twisted version of blackjack is also very commonly played here which is known as Rummy. Video pokers are also commonly played in the casino.

The restaurants offered by the hotel are mainly two in number. Keeping into consideration the diversity of the tourists that might visit; the restaurants offer a wide variety of cuisines and celebrations.

If you want a Latin-American mixture of the flavors and menu listings, Denny is the place you should be heading for scrumptious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Denny remains open 24/7. Another restaurant found within the premises is Sangria Tapas Bar and Restaurant. Working hours here are limited from 6 am to 1 am from Monday to Saturday and from 11 am to 3 pm on Sundays. You can also sit in the bar and chill for a while.

Hotel Best Western Irazu

Although it isn’t necessary for you to be a hotel resident in order to be a part of Casino games, the hotel guests enjoy it as a luxury. Best Western Irazu hotel and casino is definitely a reliable quality place to have a stress-free vacation. With their endless list of amenities, you can take advantage of, the hotel has an inbuilt casino, free gym facility, a pool, and a Jacuzzi all ready for you to enjoy at a single place.

The airport is located at hardly 15 minutes distance from the hotel and hourly shuttles are provided by the hotel from 4 am to 10 pm to the airport. The hotel is also nearby the tourist-worthy attractions.

hotel best western irazu is hence a very reputed and renowned name in Costa Rica for what all it has in stock for its visitors.

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