Hotel Amapola

With hardly any distance from the beach the hotel casino amapola is situated the inside the Amapola hotel. The casino is a royalty provided to the visitors of the hotel to enhance the experience of their stay. It is situated away from the hustle-bustle of the main city and hence is a perfect spot if you need some time for yourself.

The casino is a fully air-conditioned gaming hub. It has multiple slot games, electronic games, and table-based games like poker, rummy etc. A player can win exciting prizes by playing any of these tempting games at the casino. It is well lit and the ambiance is definitely pleasing. It is a 12-hour functioning casino with its open hours from 2 pm to 2 am.

Amapola Poker

Poker is the top preference of almost every casino games player. Hence, keeping that in mind, Amapola Casino offers classic Texas Hold’em variant of the traditional game Poker. You can sit and enjoy a relaxing game of poker in this air-conditioned land-based Casino of the hotel.

It is a safe and comfortable place to spend an evening or afternoon spare time making some money or even losing some for the sake of enjoyment. You can join any of the laid tables hosting a game of their famous Texas Hold’em Poker which is not so difficult to understand. It’ll hardly take you a while to be a pro at it.

Amapola Activities

While your stay at the hotel, apart from the gorgeous casino, you can also enjoy the massage services there. Numerous therapies and massaging techniques are offered by them to give you some relaxing moments.

Also, the restaurants available to cater to your hunger and developed taste are Nueva Roma Pizzeria and Mediterraneo Restaurant. In the Neuva Roma Pizzeria restaurant, you get to enjoy all the local Italian delicacies at their best for lunch and dinner both. For breakfast, the guests have to reach out to the Mediterraneo restaurant where you can enjoy multiple events and celebrations during your stay at the hotel.

Amapola Hotel

The casino is located near the Jaco beach, Costa Rica. Hence, if you want to enjoy the beauty of the beach in a relaxing manner, you can book yourself a decently ranged room at hotel Amapola. The airport is at an hour’s drive from the hotel.

The hotel offers security at every second of the day and night at the hotel entrance. The staff is friendly, knows and understands English as well, which is a huge benefit for tourists. It is good if you want a getaway with your partner, family or even a solo trip. Spread in a wide 4 acres area, the hotel not just offers an outstanding casino, but also other facilities such as pools, free WiFi, spa, kids playing area, sports area etc. are also a part of it all. Almost all the necessary visiting places like beach stores, surfing spots etc. are at an easily commutable distance from the hotel.

Hence, Amapola is a place for you to surrender your worries and stress in order to spend a beautiful and relaxing holiday living the most carefree enjoyable life at and near a gorgeous beach.

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